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Whether you are selling your business or considering acquiring another firm, MidCap Advisors has the experience, resources, and integrity to work with you throughout the entire process. It is our job to maximize the value of your business in the market, plain and simple. 

Keep End in Mind


Before we begin any engagement, we want you to thoroughly understand your situation, motivation, concerns, timing, and goals. This will allow us to create a customized solution for your journey. 

Evaluate & Analyze

Evaluate & Analyze

Our process begins by evaluating your business from a buyer’s perspective. We analyze all aspects of your business – your team, clients, revenue streams, and expense management. 

Discuss Options

Discuss Options

We will discuss your EBIT, EBITDA, and respective margins; review current multiples, and then review your firm’s potential purchase price along with a breakdown of the following: cash, stock, earnout, closing proceeds, total closing cash proceeds before taxes, and  estimated blended taxes. 

Choose the Right Exit

Choose the Right Exit

Deciding to sell your business is an enormous one. We will review with you all of your options. Additionally, we provide an analysis of the buy-side marketplace on a quantitative and qualitative basis. MidCap Advisors will be your advocate in the market; we will report to you on a timely basis regarding our activity and always act in your best interest.

Selected Transactions

F3Logic financial advisory
| Millennium Advisory Services, Inc., HUB International, 1 Sep 2021, Richmond - Virginia, Retirement & Private Wealth
| StoneStreet Advisoy Group LLC, Hub Internationak Ltd., Sep 2019, Pearl River - NY, Insurance & Financial Services

Your business is unique, so is our process. 

If you are considering acquiring a Retirement Plan Advisory and Wealth Management firm, MidCap's Diligence and Consulting Team can assist you with a Pre-LOI Pro Forma EBITDA Review, Valuation & Quality of Earnings Services, and Integration Services.

Industry-Leading Service for Middle Market M&A Clients

We are your persistent and reliable partner, providing you with industry insights, value-maximizing strategies, expert merger and acquisition execution, and the professional resources for optimizing complex transactions.  We are proud of our end-to-end service model, and are recognized for:

  • Industry-leading business analytics
  • Industry-leading valuations achieved for clients
  • Our unique, six-step Transaction Roadmap
  • Industry-leading transaction close rate
  • High referral rate from prior clients
  • Multi-transaction clients

"We had engaged in a previous acquisition with another company and their team’s approach was the reason we backed out."

"Our company was acquired by a much larger organization and MidCap Advisors worked closely with us to make sure the transition went smoothly. Chip Loeb of MidCap Advisors was extremely helpful in working with our team to make sure all of our information was transferred properly and in a timely, efficient manner. Our company’s acquisition was one of the fastest HUB has seen, and everyone was pleased with the outcome. The team at MidCap is very professional and great to work with. MidCap went above and beyond and we are incredibly pleased with the outcome."

Diane Raimey, CFO
Leading Edge Benefit Advisors, LLC

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