Direct Investing

What do we invest in?

MidCap partners with strong management teams to acquire and grow profitable lower middle-market companies. We invest in simple businesses with proven track records and clear opportunities for growth. We like acquisition candidates that are privately-held companies or divisions of larger corporations that are currently, or have the potential to become, leaders in their industry segments.

Contact Us if you are looking for growth capital or are considering selling your company.

What is our strategy?

We believe management is a critical component of a company’s success. As a result, the cornerstone of our strategy is to partner with talented executives who have a successful track record and the focus and vision needed to profitably grow a business.

We empower management teams to handle the day-to-day operation of our portfolio companies. However, MidCap Equity Partners helps with strategic planning, securing appropriate resources, and providing guidance, support and expertise to management. We believe strongly in building win-win relationships so we provide generous equity incentives to the management teams of our portfolio companies. This helps align our long-term objectives with those of each management team.

How does this help you?

Working with MidCap’s direct investment arm provides a number benefits to business owners. Here is what’s in it for you:

Control - We are not day to day operators. We believe that companies with strong management teams should be allowed to do their jobs with minimal intrusion.

Access to talent - Our national network of management professionals allows us to more easily source key talent, helping our partner companies growth more quickly.

Board level support - Our team helps manage the conversation at a high level bringing expert executive understanding to your business. We support strategic planning, capital planning, access additional capital, growth through acquisition and exit planning.

We move quickly - Business waits for no one. As a result we understand the need to move quickly both in the transaction close and business management process. Investing with our own capital keeps less cooks in the kitchen and allows for us to collectively act in the business's best interest in a timely manner.

Current Holdings


BeneFix is a leading software provider for the insurance brokerage industry. It maintains a platform that simplifies the process for brokers to find and gather quotes from insurance providers. By finding quotes in real-time and ensuring accuracy BeneFix helps businesses, brokers and carriers speed up their process and lower costs with its one-stop software.

Benefits Optimization

Benefits Optimization is focused on helping clients maximize their ROI in human capital and employee benefits. The company facilitates this by providing customized “Virtual Company Communities” that reflect each client’s specific benefits environment, resources, and requirements.

Beyond Human Capital Solutions

Beyond Human Capital Solutions is the next generation of people-focused human capital consulting services.

Hendrickson & Company

Hendrickson & Company provides health and benefits solutions to small and mid-sized companies throughout the Tri-State area.


MoleSafe is the leader in offering advanced skin screening diagnostic services through our exclusive Skin Surveillance Program (SSP). Using the latest in dermoscopic detection, diagnosis and serial digital dermoscopic imaging (SDDI), the SSP has the accuracy to reveal the change in a patient’s skin to detect skin cancer at the earliest possible stage for fast, effective treatment.

National Educational Music Co.

National Educational Music Co., Ltd. or NEMC is a leading provider of band and orchestra musical instruments for use in educational programs. The company provides instruments for sale and for rental throughout the United States.

Testing Mom

Testing Mom provides affordable online test prep & school skill building for students from Pre-K through the 8th grade.

Past Holdings

Access Systems Integration

Access Systems Integration, Inc. is a leading provider of the design, installation, service and maintenance of access control systems, intrusion detection systems, and closed circuit television systems throughout the United States