Sell Side

The most for your deal.

MidCap supports a select group of middle market business owners looking to exit through the sale of their companies to strategic or Private Equity buyers. Your business is likely your most valuable asset. It is our job to maximize the value of that asset in the market, plain and simple.

Your business is unique, so is our process.

Balancing the need to maximize value while considering our clients other priorities during a transaction is the core of our service philosophy. As your investment banker, your MidCap advisor will closely manage the business sale process while maintaining close communication and process visibility from start to finish.

Complex business sales require a unique combination of skills ranging from accounting and process management to complex negotiations. While large firms often take a standardized approach to the business sale process, MidCap understand the need for flexibility and creativity while managing a transaction without compromising reach and capability.


Create a Plan

Align expectations, prepare business valuation and collect in-depth company data


Market Your Company

Prepare marketing materials, create quality buyer market, coordinate all management calls and site visits.


Get You The Best Deal

Offer analyzation, Letter of Intent negotiation, due diligence and buyer relationship management.


Manage the process until the end

Legal and agreement coordination, conflict mitigation, transition planning and transaction close.

Buy Side

The right experience.

MidCap has an established history of helping business owners and Private Equity groups grow through acquisition. We understand that buying right is the name of the game. Since our team only works with a select group of buyers we can focus on delivering quality opportunities through a closely managed vetting process.

We are not just ‘finders’

Plenty of firms can expose you to deal flow but few act as more than just finders. As direct investors ourselves, we have a deep understanding of the need to properly vet opportunities thoroughly.

The resources needed to execute a sound acquisition strategy are often slim in middle market companies. We understand that as owner or key executive you already have significant responsibilities - enter MidCap. It is our job to ensure that the resources you spend assessing an opportunity are spent well. The MidCap team provides a turnkey solution for all stages of the buying process allowing for us to handle a significant portion of the process so you can focus on adding value as an investor.


Vast Network

A mature well developed network ensures we deliver quality opportunities


Deal Structuring

Not only do we identify opportunities, we help you maximize them by structuring the best deal on a case by case basis


Tactical Advice

We are straight talkers who can help you navigate the complexities of a transaction in a practical approachable way



Engagement options for business owners, large corporations and Private Equity buyers.


Our expertise.

Our team has walked in the shores of buyers, sellers and business owners. We understand that true expert advice is hard to come by. Tapping into our experience can limit expensive mistakes and give you access to investment bankers for needs big and small.

Every banker has an opinion - here is why ours is best:

No requirement to transact
Diverse skill and experience base under one roof
Personal approach to problem solving - We look beyond the numbers

Most business owners already have a trusted network of professionals. However it is common that this network does not have the needed direct experience in investment banking to allow you to be sure you are making the right decision for your business.

Can an Investment Banker help you make better decisions?

MidCap’s advisory service is flexible, built to accommodate any scenario our clients may find themselves in. Our most common advisory services are:


Valuation Work

Assessing value, providing formal valuations, helping you understand the value of your business


Negotiation Support

Making sure our clients get the best deal regardless of transaction type


Management Consulting

Helping build stronger companies with an eye on transferability and value creation in the long-term

Capital Raise

No two companies have the same financing needs. Groups with out-of-the-box ‘products’ or limited networks often do not have the flexibility and reach to find a solution for your specific needs. With more lenders in the marketplace than ever, having MidCap lead your financing effort can result in better terms and faster funding times.

Is your company missing opportunities due to a lack of capital?

MidCap has long standing relationships with all lender types including: commercial banks, asset based lenders, mezzanine lenders, angel investors, venture capital funds, private equity groups and other credit providers.

Our process is simple. We start each capital raise engagement by investing enough time to truly understand our client’s needs in order to best guide the process. Doing this keeps your company’s needs confidential and allows us to spend time building relationships rather than asking you to sort through hundreds of possible resources with few results. With well fitting capital sources identified we manage the process start to finish, including key negotiations ensuring that our clients get the terms and service they deserve.

Healthy businesses leverage capital to build stronger businesses through:


Growth Capital


Working Capital


Debt Restructuring


Management Buyouts

Ownership Transition Planning

Strategic exit planning should not be viewed as an extension of the business sale process - it is a skill and service all to itself that requires a complex knowledge base that many simply do not have. The decisions you make during the exit planning process heavily influence your financial and personal life long after your business has been transferred.

What exactly is ownership transition planning?

Ownership transition planning is a comprehensive planning process where our team develops and helps execute a strategy to build and harvest ownership value. Before considering exiting your business we want to help you:

Don't be another statistic.

70% of M&A Professionals state business owners are minimally or not prepared at all to sell or transfer their business. 60% of deals where a Letter of Intent (LOI) has been submitted to a seller by an investor don't close. 75% of business owners regret the decision to exit their companies as a result of not being fully informed and from a lack of proper planning. MidCap's exit planning clients experience a more positive transition process and often have more to show for it.

The team is widely viewed as thought leaders - as they were early adopters of strategic exit planning, have certification in the discipline, are well published on the practice, and co-founded and continue to provide leadership to the Exit Planning Institutes' Greater New York City Metro Chapter. MidCap offers proven expert level experience to both the business sale and exit planning needs of owners under one roof.


Keep the End in Mind

Set goals & time frame. All sound plans start with clear goals. 'Now' is not always the right time and we can show you why


Assess Value

Understanding the possible value(s) of your company from the perspective of investors empowers you to enhance and harvest value


Increase business saleability

Identifying the true drivers of value allow business owners to increase value while decreasing downside risk


Choose the right path to exit

Our strategic exit planning process multiplies an owner's options and puts them in control to achieve their ideal exit path

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