Deep Expertise

MidCap's Principals and Managing Directors have worked with clients in over 30 different industries. From business services and traditional manufacturing to outsourcing and technology, MidCap Advisors has the expertise to successfully execute transactions. Below is a list of some of the industries in which our professionals have helped clients succeed.

If you are considering a merger, acquisition, recapitalization, or ownership succession, contact MidCap Advisors to learn how this industry experience can benefit you.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need an investment banker?

The short answer is yes. Buying or selling a business is inherently complex, expensive and risky. Working with a savvy advisory team like MidCap’s can greatly reduce the risks associated with a transaction. The value and expertise our team contributes to our clients’ engagements are significant.

What exactly does an investment banker do?

Middle market investment bankers focus on helping sell, buy or grow companies. MidCap Advisors is one of the few investment banking advisory firms that has the ability to provide all the above listed services and has proven to do so over 15 years.

How is MidCap paid / how much does the service cost?

Most of the fees earned by MidCap are tied to the success of your transaction. This ensures our collective interests are aligned and helps minimize upfront costs. Additionally we do charge competitive retainers, which depend on transaction scope and complexity. For an understanding of costing for your particular need please contact us - every engagement is different.

How many transactions has MidCap supported?

Midcap Advisors has supported over 85 transactions with a continuously growing network of opportunities.

Is my company large enough to work with MidCap?

MidCap Advisors is focused on serving middle market businesses. Generally, we work with privately help companies with sales between $10MD-$500MD in revenue.

How long will it take to sell my company or raise capital?

There are many factors that directly influence the time it takes to sell your company. The timeline to close a transaction can range anywhere from six months to a year. Typically raising capital requires less time but can still often take a number of months at minimum.

How does the process of working with MidCap start?

Since every transaction is different, the process always starts with a no-commitment conversation with a senior member of our team. During these early conversations we can help make recommendations as to your best course of action at no cost. We are selective in taking on new engagements and like to ensure that we get to know you and understand your needs prior to formally engaging.